1. yourgoodfriendmovie:

    Exclusive to Tumblr only … Speaking to the thematic rather than the narrative side of the movie this was the teaser trailer put together while in post-production on Your Good Friend, a mocu-docudrama directed by Matthew Jacobs (The Emperor’s New GrooveDoctor Who and Young Indiana Jones) … 

  2. A remarkable, intimate, poignant conversational pas de deux between a most unlikely pair - a widowed rabbi (Lawrence Kushner) and a scuffling pornographer (Matthew Jacobs). These two troubled souls decide to team up and develop a website that will somehow meld their disparate interests. They end up grappling with life, love, and the meaning of the universe, baring their souls and seeking common ground as they wander from street to cafe to apartment in one of most beautiful cities in the world, San Francisco. Not since ‘My Dinner with Andre’ has there been an emotional and intellectual onscreen meeting of the minds quite as stimulating as ‘Your Good Friend.’

    — Michael Snyder - San Francisco Film Critics Circle - saw Your Good Friend at a private screening and has already started writing about it … (via yourgoodfriendmovie)